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Tax Bill

The Corporation of the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio

7855 Sideroad 30, Alliston, Ontario L9R 1V1

Phone:(705) 434-5055 Fax:(705) 434-5051

Name and Address


Township of Adjala-Tosorontio


  • Please refer to your most recent bill for the account balance
  • Payments are made using MasterCard, Visa only
  • A service fee is applied to cover the processing costs by the service provider, Paymentus Corporation. The following are Paymentus' service fees that will be applied to the payment amount as follows: 
    • 2.5% for Credit Cards for Visa and Mastercard
  • If you are making a payment after the bill due date, your payment will be subject to a late payment penalty
  • 1.25% of unpaid taxes will be added as a penalty on the 1st day of defaut and/or on the first day of each calendar month thereafter.